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Ugh, does you dog HATE the hair dryer??

Sometimes our little furry friends get pretty spooked when we have to dry them!

Fortunately for us, we can just pull out our happy hoodies!

These little bands are basically ear muffs for dogs made out of the same material as a towel! The happy hoodie muffles the sound of the dryer, provides a calm vibe, and also absorbs a lot of water! It's specially designed to fit comfortably over your pup's head. The durable and stretchy material of the hoodies ensures that your pup can move around freely. Plus, it won't get caught up in their fur or ears! The hoodie is reassuring and less stressful for both the groomer and your pup during bath time.

It's the perfect way to calm your pup calm. Your dog will be happy and relaxed during their grooming session.

Happy Bathing!!


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